Allanivik Hotel Closes

Apr 15, 2016


The Allanivik Hotel. Photo by Dean Swope.

The Allanivik Hotel is closing today after months of public unrest surrounding it’s revenue and plans for the hotel's  future.   


At a recent gathering of tribal leaders in Bethel, the proposed sale of the hotel was brought into question but AVCP, the business owner, chose not to address those concerns to either the media or the public. 

The Allanivik has let go almost all of its 20 staff says its General Manager Donald Black, one of the remaining employees that will oversee the hotel's final clean up over the course of the next few weeks.

Black says that he's proud that he's been able to help most of those laid off into new jobs, except for himself.

“I’m getting canned, and I’m ok with it. The rest of you should just relax," Black said.

AVCP has not responded to emails and calls but Black says about their decision to close the property, “They have some strong focuses that they are working on, and until they are ready to address this issue, this is just a distraction for them.”