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This year’s PFD + energy relief check = $3,284, Dunleavy announces

From Gov. Mike Dunleavy Facebook page
Gov. Mike Dunleavy announced the PFD amount at the Three Bears Alaska store in Palmer on Thursday, alongside Miranda Wagoner, a mother who said she counts on the dividend.

This year’s Alaska Permanent Fund dividend payout is $3,284. That includes a $650 energy relief check approved by the Legislature earlier this year.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy announced the final amount during a press conference Thursday afternoon at the Three Bears Grocery Store in Palmer.

“For a family of five, that’s over $16,000 that’s going to help pay for a lot of things,” Dunleavy said. “Everything from fuel, food, medical bills, car repairs, rent, you name it. It’s going to help.”

Eligible Alaskans who applied online and opted for direct deposit should start receiving the money on Sept. 20. Alaskans who filed paper applications or requested a paper check should start receiving the dividend the week of Oct. 6.

When the Alaska Legislature approved the state budget earlier this year it was estimated each eligible Alaskan would receive a roughly $3,200 payout.

Adjusting for inflation, this year’s dividend total is among the highest in state’s history. If you don’t adjust for inflation, it is the highest total, which Dunleavy highlighted during his news conference. It’s $15 more than the one in 2008, when then-Gov. Sarah Palin and the Legislature approved an additional $1,200 Alaska Resource Rebate on top of a $2,069 dividend.