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The official Bethel City Council election results are in

Voting stickers are offered to voters at the Bethel polling site on Election Day. Nov. 3, 2020.
Katie Basile
The candidates who won seats include Conrad “CJ” McCormick, Mark Springer, Eric Whitney, and newcomer Mary "Beth" Hessler

The official results for the 2021 Bethel City Council election are in. There were six candidates vying for four two-year term seats. The candidates who won seats in order of most to least votes include incumbent Conrad “CJ” McCormick with 342 votes, incumbent Mark Springer with 291 votes, former council member Eric Whitney with 282 votes, and newcomer Mary "Beth" Hessler with 242 votes. Candidates Jared Karr and Jess Schroeder did not win seats. Karr lost to Hessler by a narrow margin of just two votes.

The existing Bethel City Council members are expected to vote to accept the results during the Oct. 12 Bethel City Council meeting. After the results are accepted, the new council members will take an oath of office and then participate as voting council members during the rest of the meeting.

Two council members who did not seek re-election will leave the council: Haley Hanson and Alyssa Leary. Three other council members will continue their terms: Mayor Michelle DeWitt, Perry Barr, and Rose “Sugar” Henderson.

The turnout in the Oct. 5th election was 11.26% of local eligible voters. Out of 4,175 voters, 470 cast a verified ballot.