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Zulkosky Sworn In As House District 38 Representative

Tiffany Zulkosky was sworn in as House District 38's state representative on March 9, 2018.
Courtesy of Michelle Sparck.

House District 38’s new state representative was sworn in at the State House on Friday. Tiffany Zulkosky moved to Juneau on Wednesday afternoon and is ready to get to work.

"I’ve found a place and hopefully I’ll be able to walk to work in the mornings," Zulkosky said with a laugh. "I won’t melt in the rain, I don’t think."

Zulkosky is the Vice President of Communications at the Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation. She plans to take a leave of absence from that position for the duration of the legislative session, and will resume her work at YKHC when the session concludes.

Zulkosky replaces Representative Zach Fansler, who resigned following assault allegations in February. Governor Walker appointed her to the seat in a whirlwind selection process last month, and the Democrat-led House Majority Coalition confirmed her unanimously. Zulkosky intends to join the Majority Coalition and said that she will find out which legislative committees she will serve on later today. She added that she looks forward to focusing on health and education.

Zulkosky isn’t the only Democrat that the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta is losing to Juneau. She recently hired political organizer Ben Anderson-Agimuk to serve as one of her legislative aides. Anderson-Agimuk used to work for Representative Fansler, and House District 38 Democrats selected him to chair their party last month. In an exchange with KYUK, he said that he plans to resign from the party's district chairmanship and will leave for Juneau as soon as he can.