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Yukon Summer Chum Run Lowest On Record

Yukon River salmon strips
Courtesy of ADF&G

According to sonar counts, this year's Yukon River summer chum run is the lowest on record at Pilot Station’s counting site. The records date back to 1995.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game In-season Biologist Deena Jallen said that it’s too early to tell if the run is late, weak, or both. But, as of now, the Yukon summer chum run does not meet escapement goals, and there are no subsistence fishing dates set. Jallen said that if the run is eventually determined to meet escapement goals, the state will announce fishing dates with selective gear. The Chinook run to date on the Yukon has also been too low to meet escapement goals, and the state has not announced dates for Chinook subsistence fishing either.