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#bethelgives Raises Over $24,000 In Two Weeks


Organizers are calling the first annual #bethelgives campaign a success, and say there’s still time to donate more than just money.  

The first ever #bethelgives raised over $24,000 in its two-week campaign.

The Bethel Community Services Foundation organized the donation drive for nine Bethel nonprofits, including KYUK. Executive Director of the Foundation, Michelle DeWitt, says the money is giving those organizations a substantial boost.

"The amounts that are going out to the organizations that were part of the campaign effort range from $2,562.98 up to $2,758.84," said DeWitt.

DeWitt says the organizers and volunteers learned a lot from this first campaign. The first lesson is to give more incentives for people and businesses to donate.

"We’ll probably have some merchandise for sale as part of the campaign, because we received, unexpectedly, many requests to purchase shirts or other things that we had, so we will make merchandise available next year,” said DeWitt.

DeWitt adds that once the campaign started, the organizers soon realized how much time and effort such an event takes. She says next year they will begin working with businesses and organizations earlier to request donations and formulate other ways to give.

BUT there is still time to contribute this year. The nonprofits have put together a wish list for items and are accepting donations through November 2017. The organizations are requsting things like straw for Bethel Friends of Canines, and baby bottles for Tundra Women’s Coalition. You can find the wish list on the Bethel Community Services Foundation website, or by clicking here.

Another campaign drive sponsored by the Bethel Community Services Foundation also saw significant returns this year: the Give+Get campaign collected over $24,000. The campaign allows people applying for their PFD to donate to five Bethel nonprofits for a chance to win money for themselves, and to donate extra funds to a local nonprofit at the same time. Two winners were drawn out of 300 entries.

“The two people who won, the main winner, the big grand prize winner, was Melody Hoffman here in Bethel, and the second place winner was Mae Engler here in Bethel," said DeWitt.

Hoffman won a thousand dollars and Engler won five hundred. The 2017 Pick.Click.Give. and Give+Get campaigns begin January 1.

Web: The first annual BethelGives Campaign was sponsored by the Bethel Community Services foundation and donations supported nine nonprofits: Bethel Search and Rescue, Yuut Elitnaurviat, TWC, KYUK, Bethel Family Clinic, Bethel Council on the Arts, YK Delta Lifesavers, Bethel Friends of Canines and the Winter House Shelter.

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