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Geraldine Brink / KYUK

Tomorrow is Alaska’s Primary Election. Citizens across the state will head to the polls to vote for both national and state senators and representatives. In Bethel, where many people speak Yup'ik as a first language, those polls will have translators to explain the ballot. One of those translators you’ve heard for decades on KYUK: John Active. KYUK talked with Active about what he does on election day and why it matters.

FutUndBeidl / Flickr Creative Commons

The dry village of Emmonak is divided by Tuesday's vote to open a city-run liquor store. Alaska Dispatch News’ Lisa Demer reports that the unofficial count is 133 for and 119 against, but the dozens of questioned and absentee ballots could change the outcome.

Dean Swope / KYUK

The search is underway to hire Bethel’s next city manager. Nine applications have arrived since the job notice went public last month, and Bethel City Council members are meeting every Friday at noon until they fill the position. Last Friday marked the first of these meetings.

Geraldine Brink / KYUK

KYUK hosted a live debate between incumbent Bob Herron and challenger Zach Fansler, the two candidates running in the House Democratic Primary for Bethel and the surrounding communities. 

Dean Swope / KYUK

Bethel city council has granted some nonprofits exemption to city sales tax and has reopened the landfill to salvaging.

Dean Swope / KYUK

The state is trying to expand its Alaska National Guard membership in rural areas. In an effort to do so, the state is encouraging residents to join the state militia. The state started a militia unit in Bethel this past January, and military leaders traveled to Bethel this week to meet with the enlisted.


Buck Bukowski, Bethel VFW Club Manager

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski is campaigning for reelection to the U.S. Senate. She spent the last couple days visiting villages in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, and Thursday she stopped in Bethel to meet with veterans. After two hours at the VFW, she drove back to the airport. KYUK's Anna Rose MacArthur hopped in the truck with her.

Anna Rose MacArthur / KYUK

Over 6,000 Alaskans volunteered for the Alaska Territorial Guard during World War II. Over 1,000 volunteered from the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. The state is currently trying to track down these guardsmen to issue discharge papers so that they can receive federal veterans benefits. Many guardsmen are no longer alive. In those cases the state is trying to find their families.

Charles Enoch / KYUK

Tribal delegates are holding a gathering in Bethel this week in what they’re calling an AVCP Emergency Meeting. They want the AVCP administration and executive board to provide answers on AVCP financial matters and respond to what some delegates see as a mismanagement of power and lack of transparency within the organization. AVCP administration and executive board members did not attend nor sanction the meeting, which began Tuesday and ends Wednesday. Only 13 tribes sent delegates. Thirty-eight are needed to constitute an official meeting under AVCP bylaws.

Thom Leonard / Calista Corp.

Calista Corporation shareholders elected three members to its board of directors at its annual meeting Saturday. Shareholders elected newcomer Wayne Don to represent Unit 6; Paul George Guy will continue to represent Unit 4; and Johnny Evan will stay on for Unit 5. Each director serves a three-year term.