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Charles Enoch / KYUK

Tribal delegates are holding a gathering in Bethel this week in what they’re calling an AVCP Emergency Meeting. They want the AVCP administration and executive board to provide answers on AVCP financial matters and respond to what some delegates see as a mismanagement of power and lack of transparency within the organization. AVCP administration and executive board members did not attend nor sanction the meeting, which began Tuesday and ends Wednesday. Only 13 tribes sent delegates. Thirty-eight are needed to constitute an official meeting under AVCP bylaws.

Thom Leonard / Calista Corp.

Calista Corporation shareholders elected three members to its board of directors at its annual meeting Saturday. Shareholders elected newcomer Wayne Don to represent Unit 6; Paul George Guy will continue to represent Unit 4; and Johnny Evan will stay on for Unit 5. Each director serves a three-year term.

The City of Bethel's Public Works building has a rotting floor that could cost millions of dollars to fix.
City of Bethel

Tonight’s Bethel City Council meeting may be short, but it could also be entertaining. Alcohol, taxes, and marijuana top the list of agenda items.

Adrian Wagner / KYUK

Amid Independence Day celebrations, Zach Falser traveled by boat to the village of Napakiak to campaign for his run on the Alaska House of Representatives. 

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Rep. Bob Herron is running for his fifth term in the Alaska State House. He represents the lower Kuskokwim and surrounding coastal villages of House District 38. He's now headed back to Juneau for yet another special session.  But this weekend, he had time to campaign in Kwethluk during the village’s Independence Day Celebration.


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Alaska tribes can start asking the federal government to take their lands into trust. Essentially they can ask the federal government to take lands out of state jurisdiction like lower-48 Indian Country. The change comes after a federal appeals court last week dismissed Alaska’s challenge that had stopped land trust applications. Now four Alaska tribes that sued the Interior Department can proceed. That includes Akiachak and Tuluksak.

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Your freezer breaks and you need a part. You could go to the store or online. Or you could go to the landfill. And that’s what people in Bethel have done for decades— salvaging and reusing what other people have thrown away. Now, the city is saying no more.

Dean Swope / KYUK

The Korean Deputy Consular General visited Bethel this week to build relationships with Bethel’s Korean community and Bethel city authorities.

The Consular office estimates 150 Korean Americans and immigrants live in Bethel and most are naturalized citizens.

Meet Mary Weiss, Bethel's Newest City Council Member

Jun 29, 2016
Adrian Wagner

Bethel resident Mary Weiss is the newest addition to Bethel City Council.

AVCP to Hold Bylaw Convention in Bethel

Jun 7, 2016
Association of Village Council Presidents

The Association of Village Council Presidents is holding a bylaw convention with representatives from member tribes in the region. The meeting is only for AVCP tribal members.

The Bylaw Convention is scheduled to start at 9am Wednesday and Thursday, at the Orutsararmiut Native Council Multipurpose Building in Bethel.