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Fish from the Bethel Test Fishery bound for the Elder's Home in 2014.
Ben Matheson / KYUK Public Media

Today on Fish Talk we’re talking about the state and federal regulations that have come down on the Kuskokwim recently and what fishermen can expect for the season ahead.

Shane Iverson / KYUK Public Media

You can get those gillnets ready, because the first Kuskokwim fishing opening of the season has been announced.

Doug Molyneaux

Greg Roczicka died Sunday night at his home in Bethel at the age of 61. His death is a loss for the community. Roczicka grew up on the Kuskokwim, living a subsistence lifestyle and dedicating his career to championing and preserving the way of life that he loved and knew the region depended on.

King salmon
Craig Springer, UFWS / Flickr Creative Commons

Tune in Thursday for another Fish Talk, a call-in show about fish on the Kuskokwim. This week we’re talking about all the state and federal regulations that have come down on the Kuskokwim recently, and what fishermen can expect for the season ahead.

Courtesy of Sam Alexie Sr.

The season's first harvest of a king salmon has been reported in the Bethel area. Unfortunately, the catch violates current state restrictions.

Salmon drying on a fish rack.

Once again, king salmon fishing on the Kuskokwim River will be restricted to local residents under federal law.

Emperor Goose in Gibson Cove
Lisa Hupp / U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Waterfowl nesting season has begun on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. To give the eggs time to hatch and the young birds a chance to grow, subsistence hunting for all waterfowl in the region will close, beginning Thursday.

Courtesy of Spearfish Research

Over the past several years, fishery managers have placed extremely tight harvest restrictions on king salmon fishing in the Yukon River. The hope is that conservation will lead to larger runs. When managers make those decisions - telling fishermen when and where they can fish and what gear they can use - they need to know how those measures affect subsistence harvests; they need samples of the fish. The state is working with subsistence fishermen in a voluntary program to get those samples.

Dr. Sean Brennan / University of Washington

A new study is using fish ear bones to trace where Kuskokwim king salmon are hatching to help managers better manage the fishery.

Photo courtesy of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Welcome to Fish Talk, a new call-in show about fish on the Kuskokwim. Today we're talking about how scientists are using ear bones from king salmon to trace where the kings are hatching, and how that information could change when and where we fish.