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Film Academy Students / Lower Kuskokwim School District

Over the past decade in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta, there were 982 reported dogs bites. More than half the victims were children under 10 years old. Many of the dogs were strays, and the outcome of some of these bites was death for the dogs and, in the worst cases, the humans. The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium sees this situation as a public health issue.

Bethel Police Department

Within a week and a half, two people in Bethel are dead from what the police are reporting as possible self-inflicted gunshot wounds with no suspected foul play. That language usually translates to suicide.

Adrian Wagner / KYUK

After a water pipe freeze-up that left the village of Alakanuk without water or sewer service for over two weeks, officials are still trying to understand how this happened, and how to prevent it in the future.  

Dean Swope / KYUK

When the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation discovered partially sterilized dental instruments in its clinic last September, it offered free blood tests to all the patients who could have made contact with the tools. Now the hospital is asking those patients to return for a second blood test, to see if any of those partially sterilized instruments could have transmitted an infectious disease.

There is a reason why it takes two blood tests. 

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Alakanuk, and other villages seeking federal sewer and water money, received good news Friday afternoon. 

Missing Akiak Man Found Dead Outside Bethel

Jan 27, 2017
Ben Matheson / KYUK

Charles Williams Jr. of Akiak has been found dead on the Kuskokwim River after going missing Wednesday night.

Bethel water and sewer pipes.
Adrian Wagner / KYUK

After two weeks without water or sewer service, the Village of Alakanuk has thawed its frozen pipes. The pipes began to freeze during a sudden recent cold snap. Now the village wants to upgrade its system to avoid future freeze-ups, but wonders if frozen federal funds under a Trump Administration could be as damaging as the cold weather.

The Yukon Kuskokwim Ayagnirvik Healing Center celebrated its opening on January 11, 2017.
Dean Swope / KYUK

The state government is gearing up for a major battle against the opioid epidemic sweeping through Alaska.

Andy Jones, the Section Chief for the state Department of Health and Social Services, is heading up a new statewide program to get the drug Naloxone, also known by its commercial name Narcan, into the hands of heroin users, no matter where they live, be it the cities or the bush.

Bethel Winter House Overwhelmed By Alcohol Issues

Jan 18, 2017
Dean Swope

It's been a busy time at the Bethel Winter House - too busy. The cold weather shelter for the homeless may not be able to hold up under the pressure of too many intoxicated people.   

Man Killed In Snowmachine Crash In Bethel

Jan 18, 2017
Katie Basile

A 28-year-old man was killed this weekend in Bethel during what police called a single snowmobile accident.