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Centers for Disease Control / CDC

No source has been found for Bethel’s salmonella outbreak.

Lab samples taken by the Department of Environmental Conservation from a local grocery store came back negative for the bacteria.


Bethel’s Trailer Court neighborhood is being told to boil its water by the Department of Environmental Conservation before drinking it or cooking with it.


The search continues for a man who walked away from the village of Tuluksak 15 days ago.

Centers for Disease Control / CDC

As of now, there’s no confirmed source for Bethel’s salmonella outbreak.

Centers for Disease Control / CDC

The Alaska Division of Public Health is investigating salmonella infections in the Bethel area. A team is in Bethel to track down the source of the infection.

Tuluksak Man Missing For Nine Days

Jul 20, 2016
Adrian Wagner

Bethel Search and Rescue is looking for Tuluksak resident Walter Hawk, who has been missing for nine days.

Leonard Lewis

A fire destroyed a house in Kongiganak this weekend, displacing a mother and son. The town rallied to contain the flames and is housing the victims. 

ANTHC Patient Housing Capital Campaign material
Dean Swope / KYUK

Traveling to Anchorage for medical care often means needing a place to stay overnight. For expectant mothers or cancer patients, it can mean staying weeks or months. The Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta’s high population relative to other rural areas means more people from our region use patient housing at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium than any rural region. That housing is getting a new facility.

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A pilot with Renfro’s Alaskan Adventures is recovering in an Anchorage hospital after surviving a plane crash Friday.

Alaska State Troopers

A couple in Napakiak has found the body of George Mute, age 26, of Kongiganak. Mute went missing in September.