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Starting Aug. 1 the City of Bethel will begin enforcing sales taxes on nonprofits unless the nonprofit gets an exemption, which is impossible. Because one of the legal requirements doesn’t exist. 

Fady Habib

Construction in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta has never been easy. It’s hard to build things in a wetland, and the construction season is short. For some that season just got shorter. A federal change could mean waiting months to get a construction permit that used to take only days.

Discussing The June AVCP Convention

Jun 17, 2016

Earlier this week we published a story looking at what AVCP delegates are saying about the regional tribal nonprofit's convention last week. Delegates told us that executive board members admitted to a number of financial issues ranging from near bankruptcy to audits. This story received a lot of attention on our Facebook page and via email. We talked with Adrian Wagner, KYUK reporter who wrote the article, to better understand the circumstances surrounding the story. 

Marijuana Regulation Passed by Bethel City Council

Jun 16, 2016
Adrian Wagner

In a unanimous decision, Bethel City Council passed its first-ever commercial marijuana regulation.

Delegates: AVCP Admits Financial Crisis

Jun 14, 2016
Dean Swope

The Association of Village Council Presidents has confirmed near bankruptcy, author-less financial investments, and three pending audits to its board of directors. 

The window has closed for Donlin Gold Draft EIS comments and the City of Bethel has submitted their comments just in time to be considered. Ann Capela, Bethel City Manager, has concerns about emergency response preparedness.  See full comments here.

Opening day of AC Quickstop liquor store.
Geraldine Brink / KYUK

AC Quickstop opened Bethel’s first liquor store since the city banned alcohol sales in 1977. The store opened at 11 a.m. Tuesday, May 3. KYUK reporter Anna Rose MacArthur showed up around a quarter till to find a line of around 10 people, waiting for the historic doors to open.


Stelmach: “I want to be the first customer that walked into the liquor store in Bethel after 40 years. I’m going to hold onto the receipt as well. I’ll plaque it. And say, hey, ‘This is to lifted prohibition.’”

A U.S. Post Office has been closed for more than a week in the southwest Alaska village of Kwigillingok. After the lone office employee went on leave, residents were cut off from many essential services. 

Bethel City Council began its five-day series of special meetings Tuesday night to craft the city’s budget. But a gaping unknown stands in the way of balancing the numbers: the new revenue from alcohol sales.

Bethel AC Quickstop.
Dean Swope / KYUK

Weather conditions have delayed the opening of Bethel’s liquor store. Fog prevented Walter Pickett, AC general manager, from landing in Bethel this morning to give AC Quickstop its final compliance check before it opens what would be Bethel’s first liquor store in over 40 years.

That opening was set for this morning. Pickett plans to return to Bethel later today and hopes to open the store Tuesday at 11 a.m.