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Dean Swope / KYUK

Donlin Gold has hired a new general manager. Andy Cole, Executive Director of parent company Barrick Gold, is taking over for Stan Foo. The transition will occur over the next few months and extend into the new year. 

Emmonak Works To Fix Sewer Before Pipes Freeze

Nov 17, 2016
Adrian Wagner / KYUK

The Emmonak City Council Tuesday night approved a proposal to start repairs on its crippled sewage treatment plant, which caught fire Monday.

State of Alaska

Nunapitchuk recently received a grant for $7,390 from the Rasmuson Foundation. The village's mayor, Noah Wise, says they have now spent the money on a brand new 500cc Honda ATV for their police and emergency responders to use.  

AVEC power plant in Bethel, Alaska.
Lenny Welch / AVEC

A few minutes after 6 a.m. Wednesday, Bethel, Oscarville, and Napakiak went dark. For the third time in two weeks, an electrical brownout cut power to the communities. The culprit was same. The generator engine that's failed each time did so again.

New ATV And Snowmachine Regulations Explained

Nov 9, 2016
Dean Swope / KYUK

After a month of deliberation, Bethel City Council has passed an ordinance that legalizes snowmachine and ATV use on Bethel roads. KYUK’s Adrian Wagner sat down with Bethel Mayor Rick Robb, who helped draft the ordinance, to get a clear sense of what is and is not allowed under the new law.

Oscarville Makes Powerful New Partner

Nov 2, 2016
Theerawat Sangprakarn / Flickr Creative Commons

The small community of Oscarville, located just five miles from Bethel, will be getting a drastically reduced power bill in the next few days. A sweeping effort involving a combination of entities has made a change in the cost of the village's electricity. 

Brownouts in Bethel Caused by Generator Wire Short

Oct 31, 2016
Lenny Welch

Bethel experienced two brownouts in two consecutive days. A plant manager says that it was a wear and tear issue with one of the generator’s wires. 

How Early Voting Favors Urban Residents

Oct 28, 2016
Adrian Wagner / KYUK

Hillary Clinton is campaigning in the south this week, pushing for voters to come and vote early at the polls. While many urban voters are doing so nationally, people in rural communities may be finding that more difficult.

Joe Miller Campaigns In Bethel

Oct 27, 2016
Katie Basile / KYUK

Joe Miller is making a second run at representing Alaskans as a U.S. senator.  In 2010 he rode a tea-party political tide to defeat Lisa Murkowski for the Republican nomination, but then lost to her successful write-in campaign. This time around he is running against Murkowski on the Libertarian ticket.

More Questions, Fewer Answers About ATVs In Bethel

Oct 26, 2016
Dean Swope / KYUK

The Bethel City Council sought to pass an ordinance Tuesday night to clear up gray areas around the use of ATVs and snowmachines on city streets; it didn't. Council voted down one motion, and postponed the larger decision that might have taken Bethel out of vehicular limbo.