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Bethel police have taken a teenager into custody after charging him with stabbing an adult. The domestic violence incident occurred in the early morning hours on Tuesday, Dec. 3, at a home in Uivik Subdivision. 

Alaska Troopers searched homes and cabs in Bethel's Trailer Court on June 7, 2016 to find evidence of illegal alcohol sales.
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Another chapter in the Bethel cab drivers bootlegging scandal ended this week. On Tuesday, Quyana Cab pled guilty to selling alcohol without a license and agreed to pay a fine of $25,000. 

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Back in October, Alexie Michael ran away from Napakiak after hearing that the U.S. Marshals Service had teamed up with local law enforcement to bring him into custody. First he fled into Bethel, then Anchorage, and then to Palmer, where he was finally arrested on Nov. 19. Michael, age 65, faces seven counts of sexual assault in the first degree.

Dan Mullins and Chelsea Hoffman both had their cars stolen on Oct. 28. They both found their vehicles the next day.
Courtesy of Dan Mullins and Chelsea Hoffman

In the past month, reports of stolen vehicles in Bethel have more than doubled. Twice, multiple thefts have occurred on the same day. What makes this strange is that Bethel is off the road system. With the river still unfrozen, there are not many places to go. 

An Akiachak man has been charged with murder after shooting his brother in September. According to an Alaska State Troopers dispatch, Robert Snyder, age 32, was arrested on Thursday for the death of his older brother, Tom Snyder, who was 36.

A Crooked Creek man faces first degree murder charges after a deadly fight this weekend. Alaska State Troopers in Aniak and Bethel responded to a call early on Nov. 9, and arrested Ronald Waskey, age 30, for the death of Evan "Al" Waskey, age 26. Troopers took Ronald to the Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Center in Bethel. 

A boat rides down a river near Quinhagak.
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A Quinhagak man died on Nov. 1 from injuries he received in an alleged attack last month.

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A Scammon Bay man has been charged with manslaughter and second degree murder for shooting his brother.

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A student in Nunapitchuk brought an airsoft pistol to school during a make-up day on Oct. 19, putting the school on lockdown. The student has since been arrested and charged with third degree assault and terroristic threatening. 

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A man is dead in Scammon Bay after his brother shot him on the night of Oct. 20. He died in the early morning the next day. Village police officers currently have his brother in custody.