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State prosecutors last week used the term "bad apple" to describe former Bethel Police Officer Andrew Reid, who pled guilty to assault and misconduct charges in the beating of an Alaska Native man.  A key witness in the case doesn't think that's the right description.

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Federal and state authorities followed up Wednesday's sentencing of former Bethel Police office Andrew Reid with a news conference in Anchorage.  Alaska Department of Law Criminal Division Director John Skidmore said that Reid's plea deal means that he can't return to police work.

Former Bethel Police Officer Andrew Reid has been sentenced by a Bethel judge to the maximum penalty allowed for the two crimes he pled guilty to: one count of first degree assault, and one count of fourth degree official misconduct. Reid will spend a maximum of 120 days in detention. Reid's sentence would have carried a maximum of 180 days in detention, but was reduced under the recently passed Senate Bill 91.

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Former Bethel Police Officer Andrew Reid has been sentenced for assault after a 2014 altercation with Wassillie Gregory of Bethel.

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Two school district pickup trucks were stolen Thursday morning from the Lower Kuskokwim School District office parking lot.

Superintendent Dan Walker says that around 5:30 a.m. Thursday, vandals hotwired one truck and rammed it into the side of a school van before speeding away. 


Later, they returned the truck, hotwired another one, and drove away again. The second truck was found in a ditch off BIA Road, just past Larson Subdivision. All the vehicles involved were damaged.

Alaska State Troopers

Troopers confiscated 19 bottles of Vodka on their way into the dry village of Alakanuk on Wednesday. Joey Buster, age 20, of Anchorage was flying the contraband through the St. Mary’s airport on his way to Alakanuk. During the flight, one of the bottles broke in his bag and blew his cover, “making the contents readily apparent,” according to a trooper dispatch. Criminal charges for alcohol importation are pending.

Bethel Police Department

An accused sex offender made a run for it by the Bethel courthouse Tuesday morning.

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A Quinhagak man named Brenton White has been arrested on charges of attempted sexual abuse of a minor and furnishing a minor with alcohol in a dry village.


Once again, fish camps along Oscarville Slough have been broken into and vandalized.


Alaska State Troopers are investigating a blood covered truck discovered in Lower Kalskag.