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A Colorado man has received a court summons to the Yukon Kuksokwim Delta after failing to properly salvage a moose.

Brent Wareham, age 57, of Montrose, Colorado has an October court date in Aniak for failing to salvage all edible meat from a moose and for removing the antlers from the field before the meat.

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Residents in the Southwest Alaska village of Chevak were placed on lockdown Wednesday morning after reports of an intoxicated man walking around with a gun. Tribal law enforcement officials say the reports were untrue. 

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Two people were taken into custody by the Bethel Police Department after reports of gunfire Monday night. 

Alaska State Troopers

The Alaska State Troopers are asking the public not to donate to GoFundMe sites set up for one of their K9 officers who died while on duty. The dog was shot by a suspect on Sunday during a pursuit near Palmer.

Alaska State Troopers

Updated Tues., Sept. 27 2:00 p.m:

A dead puppy, a blood splattered window, and a threatened family remain after a violent incident in Napaskiak over the weekend. 

Parole Violation Sends Banished Man Back To Jail

Sep 23, 2016
Adrian Wagner / KYUK

Derek Adams, "The Banished Man" as some have begun to call him, was arrested Wednesday for violating his parole.  Law enforcement officials found that he was carrying hundreds of dollars in cash and a large amount of what appears to be heroin.

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After noticing a rise in vandalism, theft, and other crimes, Bethel resident Daniel Maczynski has decided to take matters of protecting his neighborhood in his own hands. Maczynski is setting up a Neighborhood Watch in Bethel’s City Subdivision as a way to deter crime before it happens. The initiative is partially in response to reports of heroin users turning to theft and crime to support their habit. The Bethel Chamber of Commerce invited Maczynski to speak at Chopstix restaurant to discuss his idea. 

Banished Man Sentenced To Probation

Sep 13, 2016
Adrian Wagner / KYUK

After accepting a plea deal to charges of negligent homicide in a Bethel court on Monday, Derek Adams of Nunam Iqua has been sentenced to four years in prison and a decade of probation. 

VPO in Chevak Shooting Was Not Armed

Sep 12, 2016
Photo Courtesy of Ryan Choi

The Village Police Chief who was wounded last week in Chevak was apparently unarmed.  The man who shot him subsequently killed himself.  The latest report from the Alaska State Troopers sheds more light on the events of last week.


One person is dead and another wounded after an armed conflict yesterday in the village of Chevak.