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Alaska State Troopers have identified the young girl whose body was found in Quinhagak on Monday, March 16. Troopers are investigating the death of 10-year-old Ida “Girlie” Aguchak as a homicide.

The Kuskokwim River near Bethel.
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The state government has been working in court to get Kuskokwim River waters cleaned up. The State Superior Court has ordered Faulkner Walsh Constructors, a Bethel construction company, to pay $4,234,414 to remove a barge that has been sunken for years. 

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In May of 2019, a Ravn plane landed so hard on the Quinhagak airstrip that it knocked off one of its landing wheels and scared the three passengers on board. Those passengers are suing Ravn, but Ravn blames the Native Village of Kwinhagak, which owns the airstrip, for the incident.  

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Grant Aviation is suing the company that runs the air traffic control system at Bethel’s airport, claiming that the company was responsible for a plane crash on the runway last year. This lawsuit was filed after a report came out last week showing that Alaska had twice as many aviation accidents as the rest of the country. 

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Fourteen-year-old Iris Jordan who was reported missing by her parents on Feb. 26 has been found. 

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A 14-year old girl has been reported missing in Bethel since Wednesday, Feb. 26. Iris Jordan was last seen walking out of Bethel Regional High School around 2 p.m. The parents are reporting it as a runaway.

Iris was last seen wearing gray leggings, a black coat, tan Sorel boots, a burgundy winter hat, and a black backpack. She is roughly 5 feet 3 inches and weighs approximately 130 pounds.  

The Bethel District Attorney's Office has filed two new charges against former principal Chris Carmichael for two counts of sexual assault of a minor in the second degree.
Lower Kuskokwim School District

Former Bethel elementary school principal Chris Carmichael’s trial has been rescheduled. It is now set for Oct. 5. 

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A young man from Napaskiak who was charged with murder for killing an off-duty village police officer in 2017 was acquitted at trial last month. While the defense did not dispute that he killed the VPO, the jury decided that he was acting in self-defense and that his actions didn’t qualify as murder. 

Tundra Suites hotel owner Chin S. Kim and associate Mi Ae Young pled guilty to Medicaid fraud and agreed to pay restitution of $135,000.
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Over two years after former Bethel hotel Tundra Suites’ Medicaid fraud was uncovered, the legal case has come to an end. Tundra Suites owner Chin S. Kim and his associate, Mi Ae Young, each pled guilty to one count of medical assistance fraud. They will pay $135,000 jointly as restitution. 

Bethel Police identified one of the suspects in the ALASKAbuds break-in and burglary, a 14 or 15-year-old boy.
Bethel Police Department

Bethel Police have identified one of the suspects in the ALASKAbuds marijuana store break-in and burglary. Acting Police Chief Amy Davis said that she received a tip from someone who knew the burglars.

Bethel police are asking for help identifying the two individuals who broke into the ALASKAbuds marijuana store on Monday, Feb. 17.
Courtesy of Bethel Police Department

One month in business, and Bethel’s first marijuana store has been broken into and stolen from. ALASKAbuds was burglarized on Monday, Feb. 17 around 12:30 a.m. The store manager reports that no marijuana or cash was taken.