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Rescuers Find Plane In Missing Persons Case

Kyle Stevens, age 31, was reported missing yesterday.
Courtesy of Anna Kraft Photography.

Update: At 4:35p.m., Trooper Spokesperson Megan Peters confirmed that the plane found in the Yukon River is Kyle Stevens'. Stevens himself has still not been found.

Original story published on Tuesday at 3:00p.m.:

Kyle Stevens’ plane may have just been found, although Stevens himself is still missing.

Stevens took off from Russian Mission yesterday in a small plane that he piloted himself. He was supposed to arrive in Bethel at around 2:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon, but never arrived. According to Trooper Spokesperson Megan Peters, a small plane has been found in the Yukon River, about 10 minutes downstream from Russian Mission. Peters says that the Troopers are still unsure if this is Stevens’ plane and are working to determine if anyone is trapped in the wreckage.

According to James Buckingham and Moses Hale, two of Stevens’ brothers-in-law, the plane in the river does belong to Kyle Stevens. Their family was notified of this development about an hour ago.

While his plane may have been located, Stevens is still missing. His family hopes that he managed to survive the crash and made it to shore.

If you have any information about Stevens’ whereabouts, please contact the Bethel State Troopers at 907-543-2294. Our reporting on this story is ongoing.