In Your Ears For 50 Years

Fridays at 1:00 pm

In honor of our 50th anniversary we're rolling out a brand new podcast.  "In Your Ears For 50 Years" is a look back at the history, memories, and moments that made KYUK. Featuring guests like Robert Nick, Peter Twitchell, Rhonda McBride, and many more!

Today on "In Your Ears for 50 Years", we sat down with former radio DJs Joe Joe Prince and Rybo Shore, along with Diane McEachren, host of KYUK's flagship show "Talkline". They talked about what it is like to create community through radio. 

In the second part of our KYUK origin story, we sat down with Bev Hoffman and John McDonald to talk about their experiences coming to work at KYUK. They touch on what it was like to work at a brand new station, what it was like when television came into the mix, and so much more. 

For this first episode we were joined by Robert Nick, who was one of the founding members of KYUK. He worked with Rep. George Hohman to get the funding for the radio station. We also talked with Peter Twitchell, who came to work for KYUK 50 years ago in May 1971.