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Bethel Road Conditions

Sep 23, 2016

What do you think about the Bethel road system? 

Listen here to find out what others think about it. 

Talk Line: Friday, September 16, 2016

Sep 16, 2016


Sep 9, 2016

Moose Hunting!

Sep 2, 2016

John Active joined Diane McEachern today on TalkLine.  There were a variety of topics, Dogs, Moose hunting, fundraisers, bush plane flights, and some national politics thrown in!

Children and Electronics

Aug 26, 2016

Different Languages

Aug 19, 2016


Aug 12, 2016

Debate and Election

Aug 5, 2016

On this weeks episode of Talkline, people called in wanting to talk about the recent debate between incumbent Bob Herron, and challenger Zach Fansler for State House. Listen for more. 

Calista and Shareholders Rights

Jul 29, 2016

It was a full show that covered many topics that could have been discussed for much longer: A bit on Donlin Gold, curfew and teenagers, alcohol sales, 

, and more.  Thank you all the callers and those who email!


Jul 22, 2016