Waterfowl Hunting and Egging Closed in YK Delta

May 25, 2016

White-Fronted Goose.
Credit Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Federal wildlife managers have restricted YK Delta residents from waterfowl hunting and egg harvesting.

The closure runs from May 20 through June 20 during the nesting season. A special closure for Black Brants and Cackling Canada Geese will remain in effect until after July 10. Ray Born with the US Fish & Wildlife Service says the closure is meant to bring geese populations up.

"We're trying to rebuild all populations of geese and that includes of course Black Brant, Cackling Geese, Emperor Geese and the Pacific White-Fronted Geese. These are all closed to increase those population because they’re actually at low levels.”

The US Fish & Wildlife Service issued the emergency order earlier this month after consulting with area biologists and the Association of Village Council Presidents Waterfowl Conservation Committee.

AVCP did not respond to KYUK for comment at the time this story was published.