Vice Mayor Fred Watson Seeks Re-election

Fred Watson
Credit Katie Basile / KYUK


Bethel Vice Mayor Fred Watson has always wanted to serve on Bethel City Council. Watson got his shot in 2016, and is now seeking another term.


Watson says that he’s always enjoyed working to serve the public.


“It’s something that I’ve always done in all of my previous jobs: I’ve been a public servant. I was in the army, [Bethel] Search and Rescue, worked at the [Bethel] Fire Department… you know, all of those are serving positions, and it’s something that’s ingrained in me to help; ingrained in me to want to give back,” said Watson.


Born and raised in Bethel, Watson is a Health Aide Support Counselor with the Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation. Looking ahead, in a second term Watson wants to focus on improving infrastructure and the city's revenue situation in light of the upcoming local option vote.


“If the city votes to go damp, as it previously was, the city itself is going to lose upwards of $900,000. You know, how do we sustain city services with that? It all comes down to where can we cut the city,” Watson said.


Bethel municipal elections will be held on October 2.