Upriver Kuskokwim Ice Still Holding

Apr 20, 2016

Red Devil, Upper Kuskokwim, looking downstream. April 18, 2016. (Photo courtesy NWS Alaska.)

Upriver Kuskokwim ice remains mostly in place, according to the annual River Watch crew from the National Weather Service.

The team is flying the Kuskokwim River this week, collecting break up data and reporting ice conditions to communities. The crew landed in Aniak Wednesday and flew upriver to observe the river.

Karl Edwards from NWS says ice remains at Birch Crossing and light channel ice floats between Aniak to below Crooked Creek. From Crooked Creek to Red Devil, he says ice sits intact, and between Red Devil and Stony River, he observes light ice flow. Edwards says water levels sit low to average along the route.

The crew will continue flying the Kuskokwim and reporting on ice conditions through this week.