Unofficial Bethel Municipal Election Results

Oct 1, 2019

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Unofficial results from Bethel’s municipal election on Tuesday, Oct. 1 show Bethel returning to local option status for retail alcohol sales, but remaining out of local option for marijuana licenses. Under alcohol local option status, furnishing alcohol to people under age 21 would become a felony. The candidates with the most votes to fill the four Bethel City Council seats are Haley Hanson, Alyssa Gustafson-Leary, Mark Springer, and Cece Franko.

Total Votes:

  • Number of properly cast ballots: 1146
  • Percentage of registered voters who cast ballots: 27.94%

Bethel City Council Candidates Total Votes:

  • Haley Hanson 801; 69.90%
  • Alyssa Gustafson-Leary 764; 66.67%
  • Mark Springer 661; 57.68%
  • Cece Franko 587; 51.22%
  • Raymond “Thor” Williams 535; 46.68%
  • Fritz Charles 433; 37.78%
  • Write-In 79

Proposition 1: "Shall the City of Bethel adopt local option (4.11.491 (a) (2) (A)), to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages except through a restaurant or eating place license?"

  • Yes 710; 61.95% of total votes
  • No 431; 37.61% of total votes

Proposition 2: "If local option is adopted, shall the City of Bethel opt to not apply a class C felony to violations of Alaska Statutes, 04.16.051, Furnishing or Delivery of Alcoholic Beverages to Persons Under the Age of 21 (AS 04.11.491(g)(3))?”

  • Yes 514; 44.85% of total votes
  • No 611; 53.32% of total votes

Proposition 3: “Shall the City of Bethel adopt a local option to prohibit the sale or importation for sale of marijuana and any marijuana product and to prohibit the operation of any marijuana establishment, which includes the following license or endorsement types:

a.) A retail marijuana store (both with and without an onsite consumption endorsement);

b.) A marijuana cultivation facility;

c.) A marijuana manufacturing facility;

d.) A marijuana testing facility;”

  • Yes 541; 47.21% of total votes
  • No 598; 52.18% of total votes

These unofficial results have not been canvassed and do not include results from absentee, question/special needs, or by-mail ballots. The Canvass Board will meet Oct. 3, 2019. The Bethel City Council will meet on Oct. 8, 2019 to certify the election results.