Typhoon Morphs Into Fall Storm Expected To Hit Kuskokwim Delta

Sep 10, 2019

Screen shot from the National Weather Service Anchorage Office on September 10, 2019 showing current hazards. Purple means storm warning.
Credit National Weather Service

A fall storm forming over the Bering Sea is expected to hit the coasts of the Kuskokwim Delta and Bristol Bay on Wednesday. The National Weather Service predicts that the storm will strike hardest on Wednesday with driving winds and heavy rainfall, and taper into showers and breezes by Thursday.

The strongest winds are expected to sweep across the Kuskokwim Delta on Wednesday morning, with winds from the south up to 60 miles per hour. In Bethel, the winds should reach their strongest point between mid-day and evening.

Rainfall over the next two days could reach 1 to 2 inches, with the heaviest rain along the coast. National Weather Service meteorologist Jason Ahsenmacher says that coastal areas could experience a minor coastal surge causing minimal erosion on Thursday.

The energy and moisture of the storm is coming from Typoon Faxai, which made landfall in Japan on Monday, and has morphed into a storm curving across the Bering Sea towards Western Alaska.