Two Bethel Water Truck Drivers Have COVID-19, But Deliveries Will Arrive On Time

Jan 14, 2021

Credit Greg Kim / KYUK

This week, some Bethel residents received their water delivery a day early. On Jan. 10, the City of Bethel wrote on its Facebook page that this was “due to COVID-19 related issues.” 

Bethel Public Works Director Bill Arnold explained that two water truck drivers have COVID-19 and are isolating. The early deliveries were to make sure that the remaining drivers did not fall behind schedule. He said that the infected employees are not exhibiting severe symptoms. 

Arnold said that he doesn’t expect any delays in water deliveries due to the two employees testing positive. Even with them isolating, there are 11 hauled utility drivers who are still able to work, and Arnold said that the department can avoid delays as long as there are 9 drivers. 

The city is taking precautions during the pandemic by having utility drivers on a staggered schedule. That way, they avoid being in the public works building at the same time. Arnold also said that if needed, he could pull employees with commercial drivers licenses from other departments to make sure that water deliveries continue on time.