Tuntutuliak Fire Burns Water And Sewer Building, Four-Wheeler

A fire burned down a water and sewer building and a four-wheeler belonging to Tuntutuliak's tribal council.
Credit Photo courtesy of Myra Enoch

The post has been updated and corrected with additional information from tribal administrator Deanna White. 

A fire on July 1 has burned down a water and sewer building and destroyed a four-wheeler in Tuntutuliak. Tribal Secretary Willi Ann Frank says that the fire started around 1 p.m.

It took 15 community members to put it out; they pumped water from the a nearby lake, according to tribal administrator Deanna White. The building sat about 10 feet away from structures that belonged to the village’s electric company.

White says that based on interviews with bystanders, the fire started near a four-wheeler on the boardwalk, and then spread to the water and sewer building. 

Files, lumber, a vehicle, and the village's water and sewer haul tank,  were among the items that burned up in the building.  The fire burned for more than an hour. White says the tribal police officer notified the Alaska State Troopers. 

The fire’s cause is unknown, but Frank  and White say there is an investigation.