A Successful Start For BRHS Track And Field

May 7, 2018


The BRHS Track and Field team at their very first meet in Homer, Alaska.
Credit Patrick Williams / LKSD

Bethel Regional High School offered students the chance to compete in a new sport this spring: track and field. Through the persistence and interest of both students and teachers, BRHS has been cheering on their record setting runners.

Sophomore Lindsey Beans-Polk started planning what events she wanted to participate in before the season started. "I think I want to do one of the sprints," she said. "And if there’s pole vaulting, I want to try that. I’ve never done it, but I want to try it."

Athletes had the opportunity to try different events, such as the 4 x 400 meter race and various sprint-distance events. They gave a new challenge to those who enjoyed last fall’s cross-country season. “I was the second fastest on my team,” Beans-Polk said.

Beans-Polk is a successful cross-country athlete who wanted more time to do what she enjoys. When asked why she wanted to join the new team, she put her response simply: “I joined track because I like to run.”

For those who love to compete, track and field was a chance to stay in shape as well as focus on personal growth. It has a variety of different events, and each event uses different muscles and skills.

Finding places to practice was not so easy with the rapidly melting ice this spring. Co-coach and multimedia and journalism teacher Patrick Williams says that the team has been practicing their laps outside the high school and on roads with low traffic. “It’s really important to start to develop the way that you run each lap. We’re really going to be focusing on trying to develop and maintain consistency.”

Their first meet was on April 21 in Homer and the last is on May 26 in Palmer.