Resident Accused Of Intentionally Running Over Woman With Snowmachine

Feb 13, 2018

Mary Moses, age 30, allegedly ran a woman over with her snowmachine on the Nunapitchuk trail, about two or three miles away from the Tundra Ridge neighborhood.

Last Saturday, the Bethel Police Department arrested a woman for running over an acquaintance with a snowmachine.

The incident began when Mary Moses, age 30, gave the other woman a ride on Saturday afternoon. In an interview with Bethel Police Officer Jeffrey Lee, the woman said that she became concerned about Moses and got off of the snowmachine a few miles outside of town on the Nunapitchuk trail. She started to walk, and tried to catch another ride. It was at this point, the woman says, that Moses veered her snowmachine around and “gunned it" straight into her, striking her in the legs.

When Officer Lee arrived at the scene he found the woman lying on the ground with a severely broken, bleeding leg. Moses was sitting on her snowmachine nearby. In his affidavit on the incident, Officer Lee writes that Moses was belligerent and appeared very intoxicated. She allegedly tried to bite and headbutt a Search and Rescue worker when he was transporting her back into town.

Moses is charged with second-degree assault, driving under the influence, and refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test. She was remanded to the Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Center and arraigned in Hooper Bay on Sunday. Her bail is set at $10,000. The woman Moses allegedly ran over was medevaced to Anchorage for further treatment.

Moses’ next hearing is scheduled for February 21.