Renfro Aviation Launches New Airline For Village Travel

Dec 4, 2017

A young Yute Commercial Services passenger watches planes land from the new airline's terminal.
Credit Teresa Cotsirilos/KYUK

There’s a new airline in the Y-K Delta, and its name might sound a little familiar.

Renfro Aviation has launched its very own Yute Commuter Services (YCS), which serves villages throughout the region. The new airline is not to be confused with Yute Air, the similarly named service that abruptly shut down earlier this year.

"A lot of the same people are here," said Andrew Flagg, who worked for Yute Air when it folded last spring and is now Yute Commuter Services’ station manager. Flagg noted that YCS has even moved into the old Yute Air terminal in Bethel.

YCS has scheduled service to tundra villages, upriver villages, Napaskiak, and Napakiak. Organizations can charter flights anywhere in rural Alaska; all of Renfro Aviation’s charter services to the villages have now been taken over by YCS. Renfro will continue to operate off-airport aircraft and specialty flights, like surveys for fish and game. To make a reservation or schedule a charter with YCS call 907-543-2684 or 907-543-2685.