Oral Health With YKHC

Apr 7, 2021

YKHC Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program Coordinator Victoria Galanopoulos and YKHC Diabetes Prevention and Control Outreach Specialist Emory Johnson are joined by Dr. Sean Davis to discuss oral health. They also talk about how your mouth is your first line of defense in maintaining a healthy immune system.

If you’d like to discuss oral health further with Dr. Davis, you can email him at


To take advantage of YKHC’s Tobacco Cessation Services, call 543-6312, or email Victoria at


To schedule a teleheath appointment with the Diabetes Prevention Program, call 543-6133.


To schedule a dental appointment, call YKHC Dental at 543-6299.


To register for the “Strong Lungs” event on April 19 and 20, email or call YKHC’s Tobacco Prevention and Cessation program at 543-6312.

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