No Subsistence Fishing This Weekend In Lower Yukon

Jun 18, 2020

Credit Katie Basile

The Kuskokwim is not the only river in the region seeing a late return of salmon this summer. The king salmon headed to the Yukon River also appear to be late. Nowhere near the predicted number of kings have shown up in the lower Yukon, and the chum salmon are also not there in the expected numbers. 

State fish managers have decided to cancel the next subsistence harvest in District 1 of the Yukon River, which was originally scheduled to start on Friday, June 19 at 2 p.m. District 1 includes Emmonak, Nunam Iqua, Alakanuk, and Kotlik. 

The subsistence opening in District 2 of the Yukon River, scheduled to open Saturday, June 20 at 2 p.m., has also been canceled. District 2 includes Mountain Village, Pitkas Point, St. Mary’s, Pilot Station, and Marshall.

The openings were canceled to allow more king and chum salmon entering the Yukon river to make it to spawning grounds. 

Fishermen should stand by for future announcements regarding the next subsistence fishing period.