Nicolas Petit Charges Through Tuluksak In Fast Kuskokwim 300 Start

Jan 18, 2019

Girdwood musher Nicolas Petit arrived first in Tuluksak in the 2019 Kuskokwim 300.
Credit Greg Lincoln / Delta Discovery

Nicolas Petit is the first Kuskokwim 300 musher to reach the Tuluksak checkpoint in the 2019 Kuskokwim 300. He arrived at 10:46 p.m. on Friday after running the first 50 miles upriver from Bethel.

Nenana racer Jessie Holmes pulled in three minutes behind, while Matthew Failor arrived third into the checkpoint. Nine-time champion Jeff King arrived five minutes behind Failor.


Each left as soon as they arrived and drove their teams of 12 dogs towards Kalskag.