Kuskokwim Fishing Violations Decreasing With Each Fishing Opening

Jun 19, 2019

A subsistence fisherman harvests a king salmon from the lower Kuskokwim River during a gillnet opening on June 12, 2018.
Credit Katie Basile / KYUK

The number of fishing violations on the Kuskokwim River is going down. Alaska Wildlife Troopers patrolling the length of the river have issued 42 citations for various violations since the first fishing opener on June 8. Since then, the number of fishermen receiving citations has decreased with each fishing period. 

The most common citation on the Kuskokwim river has been over-length nets. The other offenses have been fishing during a closed period, oversized mesh, and not carrying life-vests. Troopers have contacted 655 fishermen during their patrols. 

Trooper spokesperson Megan Peters calculates that troopers have issued citations to 6.41% of the fishermen they’ve contacted. That means most fishermen on the Kuskokwim, or 93.59% of them, are complying with regulations. 

Peters shared the following information in an email with KYUK breaking down the number of citations during each subsistence fishing opening.

June 8 Opener 

Troopers cited 15.67% of the fishermen they came into contact with on June 8.

Total fishermen contacted: 134

Citations: 21

  • Fishing during closed period: 3
  • Over length nets: 16
  • Over size mesh: 2

June 12 Opener

Troopers cited 4.58% of the fishermen they came into contact with on June 12.

Total contacts: 240

Total citations: 11

  • Fishing during closed period: 2
  • Over length nets: 2
  • Over seize mesh: 3
  • Failed to carry life vest: 4

June 15 Opener

Troopers cited 3.56% of the fishermen they came in contact with on June 15.

Total contacts: 281

Total citations: 10

  • Fishing during closed period: 1
  • Over length nets: 3
  • Over size mesh: 2
  • Failed to carry life vest: 4