Jason Pavila And George Manutoli Battle For Bogus Creek 150 Win

Jan 19, 2019

Jason Pavila was the first musher to leave Tuluksak in the Bogus Creek 150.
Credit Greg Lincoln / Delta Discovery

Fifteen-year-old rookie Jason Pavila and veteran George Manutoli are battling for the 2019 Bogus Creek 150 title. They passed through the Tuluksak checkpoint just before 5:00 a.m. on Saturday.

Pavila had a two-minute edge on Manutoli upon arriving in Tuluksak, and left with a four-minute gap. Under a bright moon, Manutoli is vying for his first win since 1998, and Pavila for his first Bogus Creek 150 win. 

Akiak's Cameron Jackson raced about half hour behind. Robert Larson and Niklas Wikstrand ran 20 minutes behind Jackson, while Fr. Alexander Larson is 15 minutes behind them. A finish is expected early Saturday morning.