Emmonak Man Accused Of Strangling Girlfriend Hiding From Law

Mar 5, 2018

Michael Redfox, age 27, is accused of strangling his girlfriend in Emmonak over the weekend.

Alaska State Troopers are looking for an Emmonak resident who allegedly strangled his girlfriend on Saturday.

Michael Redfox, age 27, is accused of attacking his girlfriend following an argument over alcohol. In an interview with Trooper Mark Granda, the girlfriend said that she and Redfox had made a batch of homebrew to sell for rent money, but Redfox had wanted to drink it all.

She says that he hit her in the stomach repeatedly and strangled her multiple times. The girlfriend defended herself with a screwdriver and claims to have stabbed Redfox in the forehead. Alcohol is thought to have been involved in the incident.

An Emmonak Village Police Officer arrested Redfox early Sunday morning, but Redfox managed to get away from him. He ran, still handcuffed, into the woods and hasn’t been seen since. According to Trooper spokesperson Megan Peters, it is likely that Redfox is receiving help hiding from the law.

If you have any information about where Michael Redfox might be, contact the Emmonak Troopers immediately at 907-949-1300.