Coffee At KYUK, Nov. 2, 2020: KYUK Interns On Life In Lockdown In Toksook Bay

Nov 2, 2020

KYUK Interns, clockwise from left: Kaylee King, Ethan Lincoln, Tatyana Avugiak, and Payton Chenar pose for their Zoom portraits in September. Since then, all three of the interns' schools have gone into lockdown.
Credit Elyssa Loughlin

This year's KYUK Internship program looks different than it has in years past. Instead of meeting in person at KYUK, interns and KYUK staff have met online to collaborate on content. In mid-October, Toksook Bay reported a surge of COVID-19 cases which forced the community into lockdown and the school to transfer to entirely remote learning. Interns Kaylee King and Tatyana Avugiak interviewed fellow interns Payton Chenar and Ethan Lincoln on what life in lockdown was like shortly before their own schools went into lockdown. This interview was recorded on Oct.22.