City Of Bethel Awards Employees Of The Year

Jan 9, 2020

The City of Bethel recognized an "Employee of the Year" for each department to cap off 2019.
Credit City of Bethel

To cap off 2019, the City of Bethel awarded an Employee of the Year for each department to celebrate their performance. Charlie Dan, an administrative assistant for the public works department, won special recognition for her “outstanding performance, taking the initiative and going beyond the job requirements to support the organization and community,” according to a City of Bethel press release.

Other city employees were also recognized for their performance from each department:

Heidi Hoffman - Finance DepartmentToby Monroe – Fire DepartmentJohn Sargent - Management DepartmentPauline Boratko - Planning DepartmentRandall Kennedy - Police/Dispatch DepartmentWendy Wade - PortClyde Erickson - Public Works Department