Bethel Teachers Team Up To Help Parents With Kids Learning At Home

Sep 23, 2020

Teachers at Bethel Regional High School are working to support students and parents through remote learning. Pictured here are teachers Steve Glasheen, Sundi Scott, and Aidan Kuhne on the first day of school on August 24, 2020.
Credit Katie Basile / KYUK

With remote learning, parents have to play a bigger role, and it’s difficult because what and how students learn now is different from when their parents were going to school. JROTC Instructor Sgt. Calvetti is on a team at the Bethel Regional High School trying to help parents and students.

“A parent has to sit at the table with the student and try to develop the same concepts, because how they may have learned to do the information back when they were going through school has changed several times over,” Calvetti said.

The process of getting assignments and doing the work is all on computer now. Students come into the Bethel Regional High School once a week to “air drop” their assignments, and upload the coursework for the following week. There are resources and links to help with the learning, but if there are problems, parents and students need to contact the high school by calling 543-3957 or emailing Calvetti said that the direct e-mail for each teacher is also available on the syllabus that students get with each class.

“So, look for that information, and do not hesitate. Reach out to us. Teachers want to hear so teachers can help. We want the students to be successful,” Calvetti said.

Calvetti said not to worry if students are late returning their work; teachers are prepared to help. Making the transition to remote learning is tough, but Calvetti said that it is possible that doing everything electronically may encourage students to be more independent.  

“Every student in my classroom loves their phone, loves their computer, loves to be on it. Maybe this is a key point for the students to actually get more involved. Maybe making the computer the interactive model will engage the student more,” said Calvetti.

Though much has changed with remote learning, there is one thing that has not changed: each student needs to put their name, the date, and their class on the work. That way teachers know whose assignment they are grading.