Bethel Police Officer Returns To Duty After Department Clears Assault Allegations

Feb 4, 2018

Bethel Police Office Martin Oulton returned to full duty with the Bethel Police Department on February 2, 2018.
Credit Courtesy of the Bethel Police Department

Bethel Police Officer Martin Oulton returned to full duty on Friday.

The Bethel Police Department put Oulton on administrative leave in early January after arresting him and charging him with assault for allegedly attacking his girlfriend. State prosecutors dismissed those charges on Tuesday, saying that the case lacked adequate evidence to move forward. 

According to Bethel Police Chief Burke Waldron, the investigation found inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s statements. In a press release, the Bethel Police Department said that “the decision to return Oulton to active duty was made on all the information at hand and not because the state dismissed the case.”