Bethel Police Chief Burke Waldron Resigns, Four More Marijuana Stores Plan To Open

Jun 26, 2019

Bethel Police Chief Burke Waldron has resigned, and four more marijuana stores plan to open in Bethel.
Credit Christine Trudeau / KYUK

After all the alcohol-related business died down last night, the Bethel City Council also learned of four new proposed marijuana stores that have provided the city notice of application. One of those proposed stores hopes to operate where the Q2 Laundromat, which closed down Monday, used to be. The state’s Marijuana Control Board does not set any limit on the number of marijuana licenses it can issue, although the City of Bethel could restrict that number itself. 

The city council also has reached an agreement with the state, and the Bethel Department of Motor Vehicles will be open for three days from June 26 until June 28. The office has been closed for over a month to hire and train a new employee, but plans to open up more permanently on July 15. The council approved the lease agreement for the DMV’s office building, which will increase the rent to a fair market price. The state has accepted that offer.

To end the meeting, Acting City Manager Bill Howell announced that Bethel Police Chief Burke Waldron has submitted his resignation. His last day will be Friday, June 29. Until the department finds a new chief, Lt. Amy Davis will serve as acting police chief. Howell called Waldron a man of great integrity, and wished him the best in his next endeavors.