Bethel City Council Holds Special Meeting To Revote On Lighting Projects

Aug 20, 2019

Bethel City Council held a special meeting to revote on lighting projects at Pinky's Park Boardwalk.
Credit City of Bethel

Mayor Fred Watson called a special meeting Monday for a revote on the lighting projects at Pinky’s Park Boardwalk. Council unanimously approved the agreement with ONC. That will use Tribal Transportation funds to build part of the lighting. 

Council also introduced an ordinance to use city funds to extend the project further. Mayor Watson, Vice-Mayor Raymond “Thor” Williams, and council members Perry Barr, and Carole Jung-Jordan voted in favor of the introduction. Mitchell Forbes voted in opposition. Fritz Charles and Leif Albertson did not attend the meeting. 

Council will take another look at the city-funded portion of the project at the next meeting on August 27.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated Fritz Charles voted in favor of the introduction of an ordinance to use city funds for the Pinky's Park Boardwalk lighting project. Charles was actually absent from the meeting.