Bethel City Council Extends Budget And Deadline For Finding City Manager And City Attorney

Nov 14, 2019

Bethel City Council added $10,000 to the recruiting budget to find a new city manager and city attorney, and is actively reviewing applications for Bethel Police Chief.
Credit City of Bethel

The council approved adding $10,000 to the budget for recruiting for the positions of City Manager and City Attorney. The money will go toward additional advertising and travel.

The application period for both positions was extended to Nov. 29. This was after the council rejected all the finalists found by the executive search firm, GovHR. 

In the search for a new police chief, Acting City Manager Bill Howell announced that he has a panel currently reviewing applications. The panel includes the city’s HR Manager, the acting police chief, a representative from the District Attorney’s office, and the executive director of Tundra Women's Coalition. 

Also, city council made its first appointment to the Board of Ethics. Gerald Domnick will pioneer the board created to judge any complaints of ethics violations made by city council members.