Bethel City Council Chooses Mayor And Vice-Mayor

Oct 16, 2019

Bethel City Council elects Perry Barr as mayor and Haley Hanson as vice-mayor.
Credit City of Bethel

Bethel City Council chose a mayor and vice-mayor for Bethel. Perry Barr, who’s in the second year of his council term, was elected mayor. Brand-new council member Haley Hanson is the vice-mayor.

Council members had considered other options for mayor. They split their vote between Barr and Mark Springer twice before selecting Barr. Haley Hanson’s nomination for vice-mayor was accepted unanimously.

The council also decided which committees and commissions each member will serve on. Mayor Perry Barr will be on the Community Action Grant Technical Review Board; Vice-Mayor Haley Hanson, the Planning Commission; Mark Springer, the Public Safety and Transportation Commission; Fred Watson, the Port Commission. Cecelia "Cece" Franko, the Finance Committee. And Alyssa Gustafson-Leary will serve on the Public Works Committee.