AVCP Gets More Money For Childcare

Credit Association of Village Council Presidents

Child care just got cheaper for Alaska Native families in communities served by the Association of Village Council Presidents. The program, using CARES Act funding, is paying for child care to all eligible essential workers, and there are no income requirements for eligibility. Carol Hunter, AVCP’s Child Care Coordinator, said that unlike the current program, there is no co-pay.

“Yes, that is correct,” Hunter said, “and we pay 100%, so the parents wouldn’t have to pay.”

The plan is to provide this child care support through next May, or whenever the funds are gone. The program also opens the doors wide for people who help take care of the children. AVCP Communications Director Azara Mohammadi said that anyone who passes a basic background check can be paid to provide child care for essential workers’ children.

“The child care providers are selected by the parents, so your child care provider could be a relative, or someone else you chose. As long as they meet the background check requirement, AVCP can help to pay them to take care of your child.” 

Members of Bethel’s tribe, ONC, must first go to their own tribe to sign up for child care funds. If they are denied, they can become eligible for help from AVCP.

To apply and find out details about the AVCP child care program, the number to call is 800-478-3521, extension 7430.