Anny Cochrane Runs For City Council

Anny Cochrane
Credit Courtesy of Anny Cochrane


It’s her first time running for public office, and Anny Cochrane knows exactly what she wants to bring to Bethel City Council.

“I really think that’s it’s important that we have a healthy, happy, and safe environment to raise our family, and we can talk all day about the changes we want to make, but I’ve decided to actually step up,” said Cochrane. “And we can’t really avoid the obvious here: you know our outgoing council was seven gentlemen strong, and I really think that we need a woman’s voice.”  


Cochrane, a mother of six, is no stranger to volunteerism. She’s a founding board member of the Bethel Winter Shelter, a Lions Club member, and sits on the state Lions Club International board. She also works with the 4-H Volunteers Leader Organization. Cochrane wants to look at creating a smart solution to liquor sales in Bethel, balancing the choice to purchase alcohol with the community’s safety. She would also like to be on the Alcohol Task Force.


City infrastructure and finance are also areas she would concentrate on, as well as making sure that Bethel’s concerns are heard statewide.


“We need to all be vocal with our legislators. We need to let them know that rural Alaska needs these basic services,” Cochrane said. “We need to have our plans in place for when these budgeting cuts come up, and we need to make sure that we have those open lines of communications with the legislators that's outside of Bethel. I think that’s imperative for our community.”  


If elected, Anny Cochrane would like to serve as council's representative to the Public Safety Commission.