Aniak's Andrea Gusty Takes Over The Kuskokwim Corporation

Andrea Gusty has worked for The Kuskokwim Corporation since 2014.
Credit Courtesy of TKC

After a year of searching, The Kuskokwim Corporation has named a new President and CEO: Andrea Gusty, who will step into the responsibilities immediately.

Gusty has served in various positions at TKC, a village corporation made up of 10 communities in the Middle Kuskokwim area since 2014. After CEO Maver Carey retired in Februry 2019, Gusty, who served as chief of staff and vice president at the time, split executive duties with Samuel Boyle, who was named interim CEO while the corporation’s board looked for a permanent replacement. Boyle has since returned to his position as CEO of one of TKC’s subsidiaries, Tumeq, LLC, based in South Carolina, and as the corporation’s chief operating officer. 

Gusty was born in Aniak and is a tribal member. She began her career as an investigative news reporter and anchor at KTVA, then left to be Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s Alaska Communications Director. Gusty then joined TKC, first as community relations manager, and worked her way up.

In a statement, Gusty said, “I have some big shoes to fill, but I know TKC has an incredible team working for our [s]hareholders every single day. I am excited to work with them in this new role.”

The Kuskokwim Corporation has more than 4,000 shareholders and owns the surface rights to the proposed Donlin Gold mine, which is located 10 miles from Crooked Creek, one of the villages that TKC represents.