Aniak Woman Arrested For Allegedly Murdering Brother

Sep 26, 2018

Just after midnight on September 19, State Troopers responded to the house of Ellenore and Ralph Kvamme, brother and sister, to find Ralph Kvamme, the brother, lying dead in a recliner with a stab wound in his chest.

A 13-inch bowie knife sat in the sink. According to court documents, before and after Troopers arrived, his sister Ellenore Kvamme, age 61, said that “she killed her brother with a knife."

Troopers report that she smelled of alcohol, and “she also stated that she was drunk and had consumed an unknown pill.” Troopers arrested Ellenore Kvamme on charges of second degree murder.

Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for October 1 at the Aniak Courthouse.