Akiak To Vote On Whether To Go Damp

Mar 26, 2021

Akiak, Alaska
Credit Google Maps screenshot

The City of Akiak is holding a special election about alcohol on March 30. On the ballot is a single proposition asking voters if they want to change Akiak’s alcohol local option status from dry to damp.

Akiak has been under its current dry local option status for 30 years, since 1991, banning both the sale and importation of alcohol into the city.

The school is hosting a community discussion about the proposition on March 26 from 4:15 p.m. to 5 p.m. Residents can attend in person in the Akiak school gym or via Zoom.

Students have written questions for community members to respond to, and Principal Lance Jackson is moderating. Some of the questions include: How would the alcohol tax revenue be used? Will the tribe or city hire additional police officers if the proposition passes?