AC Needs City Permit To Open Liquor Store; Bethel Planning Commission To Decide If They Get It

Jun 13, 2019

Alaska Commercial Company has proposed opening a liquor store in the now-shuttered Sammy's Market on Bethel's 3rd Avenue.
Credit Gabby Salgado / KYUK

The Alaska Commercial Company, better known as AC, wants to open another liquor store in Bethel. On Thursday, June 13 the Bethel Planning Commission is scheduled to vote on whether to give the business a permit it would need to do that. Receiving a conditional use permit means that the commission considers the proposed location safe to operate a liquor store. In AC’s case, that location is the old Sammy’s Market on Bethel’s Third Avenue.

In its application, AC writes that the business “provides benefits to the community in the form of tax revenue, jobs, and opportunities for advancement within the company.” AC has issued a 14-point plan on how it will improve its operations from its previous Bethel liquor store at the AC Quickstop. That liquor store shut down last year when its license was not renewed, following mounting community opposition.

AC’s improvement plan includes limiting purchases of hard spirits to two per day per customer, creating a do-not-sell list, and banning plastic bags to reduce litter.